Hall of Chaos

Rock and Metal Nightclub

Chaos/Moogle, Goblet, W15 P41


Need A Little Metal In Your Nightlife?

Are you ready to rock the night away? Do you prefer to wreck the roof rather than raise it? Then come along to the Hall of Chaos, a premier Rock and Metal Final Fantasy XIV nightclub on Moogle server!

Dance Floor

Show off your style on our large dance floor, rocking out with your friends!

Live Metal Music

Listen to currated playlists of rock and metal through Discord!

Lounge Area

Sit and take in the atmosphere with other metal-loving adventurers!

Monthly Club Nights

Open once a month on a Sunday night for your rock needs!

Hall of Chaos Events

Find out more about the events that are run at the Hall of Chaos nightclub!

Festive Nights

Everything from Halloween to Christmas nights and more!

Costume Balls

Themed glamours and giveaways brighten the night!

Community Nights

Join for a night of music from the wider FFXIV community!

Request Night

Want to have control over the playlist? Get your requests in!

Rock The Night Away

Visit the Hall of Chaos nightclub every other Sunday at Chaos/Moogle, Goblet W15 P41